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Big Armor Now Operating In San Francisco Sprawl

Automated security emplacements and corporate police were no match for Operators working in the Old Wharf district last night as a quiet raid on Dragon Industries local distribution center 12 came and went almost entirely without notice.

Satellite imagery taken during the event reveals what appears to be four Operators in Big Armor uniforms descending on the Dragon Industries building via high altitude helicopter and later leaving by sky hook, an extraction procedure developed by the CIA in the late 20th century where the person or object being extracted uses a gas filled buoy snared by a passing aircraft to lift them from the scene.

The Operation was the expected result of recent tensions rising between Dragon Industries and Sheffield Black, the later of which had threatened Operator action if Dragon refused to halt development of key product lines meant to compete with some of the companies most expensive offerings.

Why Sheffield Black chose Big Armor for the Operation is the question on everyone's minds. While the Operator has well known global capability, their home base of Megacity Tokyo makes them a strange choice, especially in light of other highly prestigious Operators in the area.

A Sheffield Black spokesperson admitted "We prefer to hire Operators that believe in firepower. Big Armor is a perfect choice for us. We'll let the locals know if we want to make a bridge disappear."

Speculation on the long term potential of Big Armor's presence in North America drove their Global Operator Team Score (GOTS) to an all time high, pushing them past Vanguard, for the first time, as the #1 Operators in the global market.

Big Armor's feature length animated immersion movie is scheduled for release later this fall.