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Hello World

This is the tracking and info site for a future Fate game. On this site, important NPCs, Organizations and other information will be added and updated. Sessions will be summarized as part of the blog and other resources may be made available as well.

Keep an eye on the page as it may contain important information exploitable for future sessions. 

Some notes about the game world:

This is a world much like our own. It's on the distant peripheral of what we see today, but it's meant to be a world that could be. The brands have changed, the cities have gone vertical and almost every problem we face today exists multiplied in this world.

We're just starting to reach out to space in earnest. There was once a colony on the moon but it was abandoned after an equipment failure resulted in an explosion that killed almost the entire colony. The first space elevator was built in Paris where it helped us more efficiently place objects into our orbit for a full decade before it, too, was severed in a terrorist attack. Every major materials corporation on the planet is working through some sort of plan to go to mars, extract metals from asteroids or whatever else they can put their minds to.

But for the most part, we're stuck here. The world is a little more globalized but Americans still blame their problems on Mexico, the Chinese still make inexpensive copies of everyone's shit, Europe is still struggling with its identity, Africa has stopped warring with itself for the most part and resembles a shiny new first-world nation state, Russia is cold and filled with Vodka. People drive cars, take trains and ride elevators just like you're used to. Still no jet packs. At least, no civilian jet packs.

The world has hit the wall of what technology can do for it but only recently discovered Magik, an indeterminable power that we barely understand and basically all suck at. Magik and technology are both marrying and at conflict with one another. The unknown power seems to push our existing technology to new heights even as we struggle to understand it yet as strange and unpredictable as it is, Magik exists with us in such an everpresent manner that it has become commonplace.

It's a world of Magepunk where the street performer on the sidewalk is as likely to be dancing shadows across a wall with his Magik as he is to be playing a guitar. But it's also a world where Magik powered shields and power armor has brought the sword and tower shield back as viable weapons of war. Drones don't just take photos from the air, they literally do everything.

In this world, for the purposes of our story, there are four major entities that make the world turn - the government, the corporations, the people and the Operators.

You are Operators. Specialist mercenaries for hire. Every group of Operators is different. Some have codes of conduct while others are known for their unruliness. Some are small. Some are large. All are independent with the freedom to accept or reject contracts.

Keep this in mind as you begin to think about your characters. Are we a group of gun-toting kill machines? Maybe we specialize in the art of the heist? Are we a collection of the very best in our field or the very best in a wide range of specializations?

There's a lot of freedom in this world, but you'll be expected to have a bond with your fellow Operators (the other members of the group). When we finish character creation, you'll all have a history with one another. You won't have to like eachother, but you will trust one another.


If you're looking for media to prepare you for the game, I recommend the following:

Blade Runner
Total Recall (the new and the old one)
Judge Dredd (the new one)

Ghost in the Shell (all good, game has less virtual internet silliness) 
Bubblegum Crisis (less sexy powered body armor... maybe)
Cowboy BeBop (less space, the world is a little more shiny than it is in this series... maybe I just like Cowboy Bebop)
Dominion! Tank Police

Batman Beyond (maybe with fewer superheroes and supervillains)
The A-Team (but only because it came up...)


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