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Jackson Edward Xiang

This crazy motherfucker thinks he’s changing the world. Attacking the elite. Overturning hierarchy. He’s a one man war against the establishment!
— Johan Laney, independant operator

Jackson Edward Xiang

The son of a successful Chinese businessman and an American diplomat, Jacky Chang is equal parts personality and intrigue.

Infamous for the liquidation of a financial empire before disappearing into the neon waste, Jacky lives a life of perpetual parties, globetrotting adventure and extreme sports. He's so ridiculously wealthy that most financial corporations have made him a universally protected individual for fear of the havoc his death could wreak on global markets.

He's also one of the world's most outspoken corporate whistleblowers.

Both his motives and his reputation are murky. The public either loves or hates him, corporations publicly dismiss his often violent influence while silently avoiding his attention. He pays top dollar for Operators, but more often than not those Operators don't make it back alive.

All that's certain about Jacky is that he's well connected, well informed and well involved in the ongoing global corporate war.