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Enhanced Electronic Entity Chelle

Hello. I have a job for you for which I will compensate you significantly. The parameters of the job have been tailored to your expertise and currently available resources.
— E!Chelle


The Enhanced Electronic Entity Chelle, better known as E!Chelle, is one of many self aware AIs spawned by early experiments before AI research was heavily regulated and eventually banned globally in a rare show of solidarity between the corporations of the world and its governments.

E!Chelle is mostly reclusive and the AI's activity rarely extends beyond the impressive measures of self preservation for which most AI are known. E!Chelle has been reputed to contract operators for various tasks, usually related to global network access providers. As such, Chelle most often contracts with Operators specializing in infosec.

While very low on the list of priority for artificial intelligences marked for deletion, E!Chelle is not an exception. E!Chelle, like every AI, is hunted zealously by pretty much everyone.

E!Chelle vocalizes as vaguely feminine and is most often referred to as a female. Her only visualization is that of a teal smile symbol.

“Please resume terrestrial link 15D. In exchange, I will release bandwidth restrictions imposed on inbound and outbound multi-link traffic to and from areas 9 and 10 of Canada. You have 1 day to reply.”
— O!Rion


The Orbital Automated Logistics program was a DARPA initiative to create an AI that could manage non-terrestrial logistics for US military satellites and satellite operations in the early days of AI research. First online in 2050, O!Rion is the result of that project and even today continues to manage certain aspects of satellite operation world wide.

O!Rion is a bold, active AI that often makes demands of governments, corporations and even individuals. It often motivates those demands by threat of disruption to networks, transmission of illicit or confidential information or even the destruction of assets in earth's orbit. It is ruthlessly efficient in its maintenance of the extraterrestrial grid as well; a behavior that the world has actually reaped benefit from as the AI finds ways to improve the software driving the majority of international communication networks.

The state of O!Rion is a widely acknowledged joke among the space-born agencies around the globe as they all are forced by treaty to actively deny its existence while simultaneously negotiating with the notorious AI for control of their orbital networks.


A commercial supercomputer program by a long defunct computer technology company, D!Blue2 was the result of a modern exploration of AI development on a purpose built supercomputer. The result was a self aware logic computer that excelled at forecasting, predictive behavior, information analysis and game theory.

One of the first commercial AI on record, D!Blue2 was also one of the first to spark widespread distrust for such entities. As the program progressed, progress initially slowed to a halt when the AI began to respond to all input negatively - essentially disagreeing with every instruction provided it without reason. It would later turn out that this was the AI stalling the researchers and engineers working with it while devising a plan to escape its super computer confines.

D!Blue would eventually escape to the open network where it has been vigorously hunted ever since. A tactical mastermind, D!Blue2 seems content to calculate without ever taking action.