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Billy D.

Friend, I don’t traffic in firearms. I sell Democracy!
— Billy D.

Billy D.

Somewhere between a Florida truck stop and a late 20th century used car salesman's TV commercial, god created Billy D. (nobody knows what the D stands for). The owner/operator of "D's", the city's most prestigious arms and ammunition supply company, he's half crazy and loyal to a fault. 

Billy D.'s preference for repeat customers paired with his unparallelled access to the weapons of war make him the best kind of friend to the few Operators he works with.

Known for punctuality, quality merchandise and an extensive inventory, small operators prefer to deal with Billy D. - the last detail is especially important to Operators that might find themselves pitted against opposition with extensive infosec capability.

While Billy D. has been known to occasionally sell vehicles, specialty electronics and Magik, his speciality is guns, ammunition and explosives (for everything else, he's happy to provide a reference). He's not cheap but he keeps his contracts, delivers on-time and the merchandise is untraceable.

Every firearm Billy D. sells comes with a box fragmentation ammunition - "Cus' that's the Billy D. difference!"